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Fly Like A Mighty Eagle Ministries

145-44 110th Ave., • Jamaica, NY 11435 • United States • 718-526-9656/see/charmin/CM04461

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FLAME Vision and Plan:

The FLAME Vision is...(Isaiah 61:1) "He hath sent me [us] to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound." FLAME Ministries is an international team ministry. As our vision indicates, we are a soul winning and soul changing ministry working through local churches and pastors. All that we do is impacted by the Holy Spirit who guides us to EXCELLENCE and URGENCY. The mandate for soul winning, as set forth by Jesus, included teaching (feeding the people), healing the sick and delivering the bound from satan. That is our mandate.

FLAME Goals and Statement of Faith:

FLAME goals are set as part of our plan to realize compliance to our vision. Abiding Goal #1: We will effectively and efficiently evangelize the world, working with and under the guidance of local pastors in the unity of the Holy Spirit. Abiding Goal #2: Through the networking of pastors and ministry leaders we will reach the unsaved, the backslidden and the troubled believers wherever they may be. Abiding Goal #3: We will prepare servants of God to go forth in the "great commission" of Jesus. Abiding Goal #4: We commit and dedicate our purpose and efforts to the continuous realization of our vision as we raise up, build up, hold up, and lift up churches, pastors and ministry leaders throughout the world. FLAME Statement of Faith will be sent on request. In short we adhere to the Apostle's Creed and in all that we do we confirm the living, triune God of Grace who sent His Son to atone for our sinful nature. Through Jesus, the Son, we receive the blessing of salvation and the eternal joy of fellowship with God.

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