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Heal The World Missions is transforming lives!

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This has been a great privilege for me to be in contact with you through this wonderful ministry of the Netministries. Praise God! I'd like to introduce myself as Bro. Andrew Yelchuri working in HIS Service among the poor and the suffering and the Christ less of this region in the South India. I'd like to give you some information concerning our missions here in India. And also I'd like to put before you our future plans in hope that you and your Church will pray and intercede for these and if possible support us financially and I pray that as you get into the matter God will bless you with the Father's Heart. Heal The World Missions took birth on the 2nd of February 2000. After much prayer and fasting God opened the doors to set up this world missions. It is committed to fulfilling the Great Commission, feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, clothing the naked, caring for the sick, visiting those in prison and taking the Love and Compassion of Jesus into all the world.

Love In Action

RICE DISTRIBUTION: In the past, we have distributed rice to thousands of poor people in different poor and remote areas. These poor people at frequent times do not have rice to cook at all. These people in poor and remote areas substitute rice for locally made liquor. And the result is they can't work under hard conditions and if they work they have to face serious consequences to their health, which sometimes leads to their merciless deaths. Their innocent children inherit the bad habits of their parents and become victims to frequent illness and chronic diseases that leads to their merciless deaths. So as to save the innocent and poor children we took them to our children home. All this comes because of unawareness and poverty. To make them aware of the conditions of poverty we also conducted awareness classes for their benefit. When we distributed rice to them, we offered them the Love of Jesus and gave them the Word of God by which many of the hindu people came to know Jesus and were saved.

FEEDING THE HUNGRY: We have conducted feed the hungry programs in different poor and remotest areas where even the government has never been to help people. In such areas also there is acute poverty where people do not know the consequences of taking liquor. To prevent people from taking in liquor we shared them the Word of God and the crucifixion of Christ. Many of the adults were convicted of their sins by the Holy Spirit and turned to Jesus to receive HIM as their personal Savior. In these programs we could we were able to see God revealing HIS glory in Christ. In the summer we set up drinking water centers at different locations in the villages and in town and we also offered buttermilk sometimes. In these centers we distributed tracts to all those who come to quench their thirst.
DRINKING WATER CENTERS: In the hot summer we set up drinking water centers for the poor people who travel a lot by foot for their livelihood. We also provided buttermilk frequently. We set these up in various regions of the town and some poor villages. In each and every center we distributed tracts to the ones who came for drinking water. Our aim is to not only quench the physical thirst but also the spiritual thirst. And God made this a success. We pray that God will provide monies not to set up more drinking water centers but to dig bore wells in the poor villages. This will help the poor people a lot preventing the contagious diseases among the people.
BLANKETS DISTRIBUTION: In this winter we distributed 250 blankets to the poor old people and the lepers. In the winter there is much cold in the nights though the days are hot. The old people die when they are not able to tolerate the cold in the nights. In this way we could help the poor old people and the lepers. God also opened the doors to share the Gospel of Jesus with them. In the coming winter we pray that God will provide more monies to distribute more number of blankets to the poor.
CHILDREN HOME: We started the children home with the setting up of the missions. There are thousands of uncared and abandoned children under the sun in India. These children when uncared for enter into prostitution and the male children are forced to work in hazardous industries. This leads over to the abusing of innocent children. There are children who rover the streets in search of food and shelter. In the time of natural calamities like floods or earthquakes the people take advantage of these children and make the girls enter into prostitution. Even the minor girls here are forced to enter into prostitution. This is justifiable from the Orissa flood crisis. There were hundreds of orphaned children whose parents died in the crisis. The girls were forced to prostitution and were abused by the local people. Organizations from the entire world have come with relief to the people with food, and clothes. But for the children there was not so much care for them, which lead to their abusing, forced labor and prostitution. We can also see many children being sacrificed to the local gods and goddess. For instance, in our region a man sacrificed a seven-year old child to a goddess who dreamt that the goddess would shower riches if he sacrificed a child. In another instance, a contractor promised his god to give him the lives of thirty children. From then we heard of many children missing and murdered. Most commonly we see that children fall prey to sex trade. All are pushed into the sex trade one way or another by manipulative friends or abusive parents, or simply by poverty. Out of 100%, 80% of the sex workers are children and the main cause for their involvement in this is poverty. Their own parents and relatives push them to do this ugly thing.
In the past we had 10 children under our care and seeing the need we took another 10 children into our home. God willing we have plans of increasing the number of poor and innocent children in the coming days. We do not have sponsors for all these children. In faith we are feeding these children and very rarely we do receive local funds. Sometimes it becomes so difficult to care for these because of no monies coming in. We are praying that God will bring more monies that we will be able to look after more such children and raise them for Christ.
Even after these ways of helping the poor, God spoke to me saying Help The Poor. Then I wondered in what way should I help the poor. Then God spoke to me one night when I was in the Internet. I opened the meals on wheels site without my knowledge. I felt the Holy Spirit talking to me. Then immediately I felt that it was God telling me to start Meals on Wheels. At first I had the desire to set up Mobile Medical Unit and Bus School Project. And at the same time I felt that God approved all these plans of mine. I praise God for this! So the plan took birth to raise monies for these three programs. The three programs are highlighted with the need to be met to make these three programs a live one.
Dear brother and sisters I know that the need is very much, but for the children home we are in need of funds. We are passing therougha very difficult time of no monies coming in. We urge you to please support us in prayers and financially as well so that your reward will be great in heaven.
Dear brother, this is what is happening in the Heal The World Missions. And I have also put before you all the plans and projects for your consideration in prayers and support. And brother I welcome you to India to see my work first hand and bless it. I am praying that God is soon opening the doors for you to come to India and minister to the poor and the suffering with physical as well as spiritual food. My dear brother please pray for the support of the orphans and poor children. We are in bad need of funds for the children home.We believe God will open doors for you to come to India here very soon. We are praying for it. Praise the Lord!.
On behalf of the hungry and the suffering,
Andrew Yelchuri.
Heal The World Missions.

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