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What is Evangemed ?


The first eclesiastic Region (Annual Conference)of the methodist Church in Brasil together with World Methodist Evangelism planned to extend its missionary activities by providing primary health care to poor patients families without acess to health care services.

This program proposed a " Comprehensive health care" developed by Churches and missionary centers.It understands that the Church can be an important link to community-based health care activities improving the quality of life of the community and promoting citizenship within the Cristian faith.

How do we work ?


To provide primary health care,emotional support reabilitation and reintegration to poor patients and their families with special emphasis on family pratice and implementing activities such as health survellance ,educational activities as well Evangelism

Community participation-Community participation and responsability sharing are major components for the success of any community-based program.The community's decision to implement health care system at their local church and the community's commitment to participate in the delivery of health services will determine the feasibility of this new initiative to provide health care services in theese areas.(As Seen in dr Arole studies in India Jancked)

We have mobil clinics and church clinics and work in partnership with national and international groups.

Interdisciplinary team:

Medical doctor,physioterapist,dentist,nutricionist,nurse,administrator, Social worker. phsiclogist, health workers.(Agents).


Health workers:

Health promotion and health prevention activities.-early detection of families' and/or neighbors' hansen's disease and or other diseases. Epidemiological surveillance. Home visits.

Social Workers -

Idenfication of the poorest patients trought a social trial and assisting then during their entire treatment in all needs and organizing the distribution of the nutricional food suplement.

Medical doctors/nurses.

Primary health care,identifing and treating the medical complications.

Dentist - Dental care and educational aproach to hansen's patients and families.

Nutricionist- Will organize workshops with the patients to teach about the best aproach to the food using and making the special diets to special undernourished patients.

Health workers -They are the bridge betwen the patients and the comunity.They help in the disovering of new suspected cases and help the managing of the familiar care as well educationalssuport to the family.

Pastor - Is the responsible to take care of the Evangelism.Our program is based on Sharing the Good News to Every people.

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