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New Hope Ministries inc

P.O Box 336, • Jimboomba, QLD 4280 • Australia • +61 7 5546 9307/see/charmin/CM04142

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Exalting the Name of Jesus

New Hope Ministries Inc., is a community of God's people fulfilling the mandate of "going into all the world preaching the gospel" and "equipping the saints for service". It is an association that reaches out to men and women who have a call upon their lives to fulfil the commission of the Gospel to reach out and make disciples. It is a ecumencial charismatic group that has been birthed to bring assistance to organisations and individuals, to supply and network in licensing and ordaining qualified ministerial candidates of either gender, to support both clergy and laity, to govern its members, provide affiliate status to qualifying ministries such as counselling centres, provide information, counsel, and assistance in various areas of church organisation.


To see lost souls come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and become established disciples. To promote ministerial integrity. To see revival in the church To have an emphasis on worship. To foster fellowship and encouragement. To provide healing for those who have been wounded, particularly ministers of the Gospel. To encourage communication between ministers in order to stay up-to-date with ministry trends. To assist laity in their special area of ministry and calling. To help promote the other divisions of New Hope Ministries inc. To provide benefits such as ecclesiastical endorsement. To develop effective ministries through recommended institutions for theological training. To provide resources for ministries, missions, counselling, pastoral and administration. Establishment of fellowship and an identifying name for pastors, churches and organisations to share similar aims in extending the Kingdom of God. Assistance for registration of ministers (when meeting the requirements) and are resident in Australia under the terms of the Commonwealth Marriage Act. The opportunity to work together in projects of mutual interest, i.e., missions.

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