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Jagruthi Voluntary Service Organization

Plot No.19, CBI Colony, Vanasthalipuram • Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh 500 070 • India • 011 91(40)412 5619/see/charmin/CM04126

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Our Mission

We are called of God to work among the poorest tribal groups like Lambadis and Koyas in the Southern State of Andhra Pradesh in India.We want to build this community by adopting Children and helping the Community with essential needs like Pure drinking Water and Sanitation facilities as well as Supporting the families with income generating Skills.We need Partners in this work which is highly rewarding.We INVITE you all to come forward and help these unprivileged people.Contact us for more specific information using the address given above.


We invite anyone who has an Interest in this kind of service. We were so happy to have started this work and we have seen great success in the work. It is a wonderful experience to spend our time and resources to enrich the lives of these poorest people and we assure you that our own lives will be greatly enriched.There are manty opportunities for groups and individuals. Come, explore the remote Indian tribal communities.See What God is doing among us and feel how God is building HIS Churches and Peoples

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