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Pat Yancey Evangelistic Association

21918 Esaws Rd., • Apple Valley, CA 92307 • United States • 760-247-4275/see/charmin/CM04022

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Seven Lessons of Truth, Life and Salvation

PAT YANCEY EVANGELISTIC ASSOCIATION Evangelist and Teacher Pat Yancey delivers seven lessons in (about)seven hours (Lessons 1 & 2 at 9AM to 11AM and Lessons 3& 4 at 1PM to 3PM on Saturday then Lessons 5 & 6 from 10AM to 12NOON and Lesson 7 from 1PM until...on Sunday. These lessons are titled "The Creation" (or 'how God kicked things off and how His greatest creation messed it up'), :The Devil and His Due" (or 'who's going to pay for the party and with what'), "The Family" (or 'Daddy, Mommy and the kids and why their tails are in a wringer'), "The Law of the Old Covenant" (or 'the perfect load of the law will break your back'), "Redemption" (or 'Ruth and how to cash in the premium stamps'), "The New Covenant" (or, easy yokes and light burdens',) and "Salvation" (or 'how God pulled your fat out of the fire, literally). Don't ask Pat to preach Hellfire and Brimstone and Damnation. As Jesus never compelled but instead explained and encouraged with clarity, compassion and vigor, so Pat teaches the complete Truth with clarity, compassion and vigor. Like Jesus, he doesn't pull any punches, but he never takes cheap shots.

Scheduling, Format, Support

The Schedule Calendar can be found at the PYEA website at E-mails for teaching requests can be made at Faxed requests or voice-mail (leave a voice message) requests can be made to 1-760-247-6002 (listen to the message). The format of the Pat Yancey Evangelistic Association is based upon lecture/visual/audio presentation instruction. All equipment and personnel is provided by PYEA including handouts of hymns for each instructional session. Music ministry is provided by Patty Yancey and of course the organization's choir is welcome and invited to participate.Financial support is maintained strictly by donation through offerings at the conclusion of each lesson. The sponsoring organization is not expected to provide financial support nor is it expected to take collections on its behalf during the two days of lessons.

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