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Ev. Eugene Minnifield Jr. Ministry

2024 Camp St., • Sandusky, OH 44870 • United States • 419-624-8617/see/charmin/CM03971

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You destiny is not by chance but, by purpose!

Ev. Eugene Minnifield Jr. is a minister that has been all over the world. He has been preaching since the age of 13 and, the anointing has increase since. He has been preaching a message on your destiny is not by chance but, by purpose. He has spoken and said that, you destiny cannot be understood until you find your purpose. This is your year of wholeness in every area of your life. So, get ready to do what he has called you to do.

The year 2000 we are crossing over!

As we entered another year we know that this is it. We have struggled and been around this mountain long enough. It is time to cross over. There are some who will not be able to cross over with you. And you must except that because the Lord is taking you higher. He wants to take you over to the other side and, not in a boat. Nor by anything else but, he wants you to have faith and, step out on the water. It's ok you might begin to sink but, he is right there. You do not need to worry. When it's your time, it's your time. People are going to get mad and, not want to talk to you. Don't let that stop you because you know your purpose. And that purpose is to get to the other side this year 2000. God Bless Ev. Eugene Minnifield Jr.

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