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Spiritual and Physical Food

We are a non-denominational, non-profit ministry. The major two parts of our ministry is to feed the hungry both spiritually and physically. Physically, we assist those misfortunates ones whom are homeless, without food or shelter, and those whom are on the verge of being homeless, as I have often said, "many Americans are only a paycheck away from that misfortunate situation." We assist those with their rent before their eviction notice, with utility bills before the shut-off date, job searching assistance, vital prescription medications, and food distributions just to name a few. Our spiritual nourishment comes from our Internet web sites, acts of kindness, and sharing with all of our brothers and sisters Biblical Words of Truth. With faith the size of a mustard seed, their hand will reach upwards towards God's hand which is already there reaching for them! Yes, with proper nourishement all can have an abundant amount of joy, peace and comfort in all areas of their lives! Please take the time to get to know us by looking at our web sites because time is of the essense for those misfortunate ones in our United States! Some of our web sites include: "C.W.'s Answers To Your Questions" which is an E-mail correspondence of your Christian and everyday life questions. "Karen's Kindred Words of the Spirit" are her own creative writing based on today's society and Biblical truths. "Jim's Ministry For Teens" is his way to fulfill his calling to nourish teenagers into Christian adults. Thanks, National Outreach Evangelistic Ministry at

Join us in making a difference!

Your donations and monthly tithings, checks, money orders and credit cards, are urgently needed to feed our brothers and sisters whom are in dire need of our help, right here, in our United States! Thanks, National Outreach Evangelistic Ministry, P.O. Box 845, Buffalo, Missouri 65622 Phone # 41-345-4722 Fax # 417-345-5355 E-mail Address at: May God bless you each and every moment of your life! Thank you, C.W. Clark

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