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The Holy Light Ministry

117 N. Prairie Ave. #2, • Sioux Falls, SD 57104 • United States • 605-332-0451/see/charmin/CM03927

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The Holy Light Ministry is a non-denominational Christian Discipleship ministry. We wish to bring to all seekers the Light of Truth through the teachings of Jesus Christ and the New Testament. We offer free counseling, worship services every Sunday at 10;00 am, CST, and weekly Bible classes when announced. We also offer a free correspondence course as well as regular communication with participants by e-mail in our Program called the Disciples of the Holy Light. Our goal is for you to have a real relationship with Jesus Christ.
Instructional Director: Rt. Rev. Matthew Martin, D.D.
Instructional Assistant: Sr. Mary Melissa Ross


This is a program of Christian Discipleship which can enrich your life no matter what church you attend. We hope that it can enhance your sense of fellowship with your church members and others in the greater community as you go forth to serve God by helping those in need. In this program we offer a free correspondence course on how to develop a genuine relationship with your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, so that He can become very REAL to you in your life. This course uses Christian principles to apply in your daily life and spiritual practices that you can use to help you in your growing relationship with your Beloved Jesus, for as you draw closer to Him and come to know Him more, you will experience His Living Presence in your heart and in your life that will not only change you completely, but will change others as you become an example of a Righteous Way of Life in Christ. For further information or to send for free lessons on "DEVELOPING A RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS CHRIST," you can send us a message at the e-mail give on this page. God bless you always! --Rt. Rev. Matthew Martin

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