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The Criswell College Urban Studies Department

4010 Gaston Ave., • Dallas, TX 75246 • United States • (214)818-1367/1(800)821-5433/see/charmin/CM03909

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Purpose of Criswell College

The Criswell College exists to provide biblical, theological, professional and applied education on both the undergraduate and graduate levels, based on an institutional commitment to biblical inerrancy, in order to prepare men and women to serve in Christian ministries.

The Criswell Urban Studies/Ministries Department

Building a Legacy for the Future- Inner City Conference February 24, 2000 8:00am-4:00pm - 4010 Gaston Ave. Dallas, TX. 75246 Speakers: Dr. Charles Lyons-Chicago, Dr.D. 'Mac' Brunson-Dallas First Baptist Church, Dr. Ronald O'Guinn-Ethnic Reconciliation Speaker, Special Lunch Guest-Mr.Dan Korem Renown author and speaker, Josephine Makil- Wycliffe Bible Translators, Jim D. Hooten-Founding Director of the Criswell Urban Ministries, Music by Mr.& Mrs. Kenny Randall, Dr. R. Alan Streett- Criswell College Professor of Evangelism, The Criswell Student Outreach Team and many others. We hope you will join us, visit our campus, fellowship, display your ministries and witness the new innovative methods for reaching the inner city. We are looking forward to visiting with you and seeing your ministry displays. But, hurry and secure your display space. Contact: Mrs. Amy Park (214)821-5433 or 1(800)899-0012.

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