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St. Columba's Fellowship

23198 Jivaro Street NW, • St. Francis, MN 55070 • United States • (612) 213-8073

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A Christian Presence in the Hospice Movement

St. Columba's Fellowship was the outcome of a small conference held at St. Columba's House near London in 1986 from which the Fellowship derived its name. The purose of our time together, as quoted below, has become the objective of the Fellowship.

We owe much to the pioneers of the Hospice Movement, who have felt led by God and sought to serve Him in their work, and have built upon Christian principles and traditions.

In the welcome increase of interest and commitment towards the needs of the dying and bereaved, we face the challenge to sustain a wholesome Christian presence in the heart of the Hospice Movement.

To do this, we remind ourselves of the foundations upon which this care is based, to support and encourage each other through fellowship and prayer, and to offer ourselves anew, in whatever capacity we serve, to seek and follow His continuing call for the healing of all people, everywhere.

"You have been trusted to look after something precious: guard it with the help of the Holy Spirit who lives in us." (2 Tim 1.14)

St. Columba's Fellowship arranges residential conferences and regional meetings of interest to healthcare professionals, volunteers and all involved in the care of the dying and bereaved.

Each event explores a specific theme and seeks to encourage reflection and personal growth. Programs include time for ecumenical Christian worship.

St Columba's Fellowship welcomes and respects the participation of all people and all faiths.

Many events provide learning opportunities to assist chaplains, nurses, social workers and others to meet annual educational obligations for Post Registration and Practice (PREP) and Continuing Education Units and will assist those in associated professions.

The next National Christian Conference, "A Creative Response to pain in Palliative care-Implications for Practice," will be held Monday, May 8 through Friday, May 12 at Lee abbey, Lynton, North Devon EX35 6JJ, England.

For additional information, contact Lee Abbey at


Additional Information

For information about St. Columba's Fellowship, contact:

+Peter Riola, St. Columba's Fellowship, 23198 Jivaro Street NW, St. Francis, MN 55070, USA Telephone (612) 213-8073.


North American Patrons
Gretchen Hanson
Bishop Peter and Chaplain Martha Riola
The Reverend Robert McLawhorn

Dame Cicely Saunders, OM DBE FRCP
Bishop Morris and Anne Maddocks
The Reverend Dora Frost MBE RGN
Prue DuFour MBE RCN
International Hon Director

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