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Joshua Jacob Ministries International Inc.,

P.O.Box 3266, • Success,, Western Australia 6964 • Australia • 0894146542, o892281145/see/charmin/CM03850

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1) To reach one million unsaved people into the Kingdom of God 2) In the next 5 years to plant 20 churches in the City of Perth. 3) To plant 10 churches in Asia. 4) To train 100 saints into church planting in the next 5 years 5) Through ad2000Christian Foundation Inc., to build church building wherever there is a need. 6) To raise 100 Evangelist through Church of the Great Southland in the next 10 years. 7) To send 1 million bibles each to the Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist nations. 8) To set up a Christian College in Perth.

Mission's Training

Harvest Institute of Christian Ministries International Inc., to provide the best missions training, to release trained leaders into church planting in Western World and the 10/40 window.HICM is located at 307 Fitzgerald Street, Perth, Western Australia, request for a prospectus by email to Pastor Joshua and Mary Jacob with their dedicated pastoral team heads the above ministries.

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