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Shulamite Ministries

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Shulamite Ministries

Are you Hungering for More?
Does your heart pant as the deer?
Have you wondered if this is all there is?

Experience anointed messages both written and audio not giving you another method, but a living impartation.
Simply for the asking, we will send you an audio tape free of charge as an introduction to our ministry.

We pray that the messages contained in these pages will encourage and challenge you to soar higher in relationship with our King and Beloved Jesus.

Newest series available:
"The King is Coming!" FREE TAPE OFFER (7 tape series) A dramatic revelation of End Time preparation. A Bride... The Rapture... A Romance Eternally with the King. Seven issues stand in the balance. 1st tape FREE, simply for the asking. No further commitment, unless you want to hear more.
Sequel to the Bride is Ready.

Available Current Poetic and Prophetic Writings

Follow the link to the What's New section of our site. Here you can read incredible insights about the prophet Elijah and the Jezebel and Ahab spirits. These messages are not just to inform with head knowledge but to expose, impart and encourage the saints to rise up and be free. The understanding of Elijah's victory and these evil spirits is essential to the times we are living in today. Jesus' ministry was preempted by the Spirit of Elijah through John the Baptist, now in these last days this spirit will rise up again to usher in Jesus, in His glory! Come and visit and read these and many other messages for such a time as this.

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