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Emerald Coast Ministries N.C.A. Northern Fl. HQs

2490 Interstate Circle, • Pensacola, FL 32526 • United States • (850)941-0700/see/charmin/CM03785

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Chaplains Training School

Emerald Coast Ministries, working with the National Chaplains Association, offers a Non-Denominational school for those of us called into Gods service. We provide on-ground training and correspondance courses for those whom live outside the Pensacola area. Some of the courses we provide cover: Christain couseling. Christain psychology. Christain leadership. Religions of the world. Health and Nutrition. Evangelism. Our national level college is able to provide more specialty areas for those chaplains whom wish to continue into areas such as: Jailhouse ministries. Childrens ministries. Marriage counsiling. Hospital ministries. The main focus of our school is to provide training to anyone whom is called to serve God, Nation, and fellow mankind. Former schooling is not needed to be considered for the course. We have programs for the lay-brethen workers, for ministers, and all people. In 1999, our first year of offering the classes here in Florida, we have graduated 7 chaplains, three of them full ordained ministers. If you,or anyone you know of that is interested in entering the chaplains school, please contact Chaplain Jack Van Ord at or send us a letter to the above address, and marked Attn: Chaplain Jack Van Ord, Commander Northern Fla N.C.A. Also please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope so we can mail you the information promptly. God bless you in all of your endevers. "Be one in a million with us today, Consider donating one dollar for the Kids Cadets. "

Kids Cadets

We also have the childrens Kids Cadets for any children from 8 to 18 years in age. The focus for the Cadets is upon providing a basic understanding of the bible, and by that, understanding of God himself. Emphesis is placed upon the golden rules of honesty, integrity, and helping others in need. The course is provided to help prepare children to be the leaders of tommorow. Do you have any extra music insturments? Planning on getting rid of them? Our cadets music program is in need of insturments, consider the benefit for the kids to play music, instead of drugs.

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