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Daily Bread of Life Ministries

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Desiring what other nations have!

1 Sam 8:5 make us aking to judge us like all the nations. We know from scripture that in this passage of scripture, that the children of Isreal were desiring a King. They told Samuel that he was old and his sons followed not in his ways. They wanted a king like all the other nations. There is a danger when we start to desire everything everyone else has. Samuel got discouraged behind these actions. God told Samuel not to get upset beacause they were not going against him but against God. We as saints should be careful to desire what quote on quote other nations have. Sometime we look at what sinners have and say lord why can't i have that? Paul said,'I am content with what i have.' There is nothing wrong with wanting things the problem comes when we want it because someone else has it. God will give you the desires of your heart, but are you ready to go thru what it takes to have it. So my friends let us not convet our neighbors but continue to seek the Lords will in our live. Always remeber to continue to seek Gods will in our lives and not what other nations have. God Bless you your internet Pastor Elder Cordel L. Garrett Daily Bread of Life Ministries


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