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The Spokane Outreach Center

po box 1556, • Veradale, WA 99037 • United States • 509 928-5582/see/charmin/CM03765

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About US


About Us

The Spokane Outreach Center is founded on the traditional Gospel message. We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, born of the virgin Mary, lived a sinless life, was fully man and God, died on the cross as a sarificial lamb where paid the price for sin, He was buried and rose from the dead. A personal relationship with Jesus Christ is achieved by accepting Him as personal savior,believing in His identity, and seeking Him earnestly.
Financial Information:
The Spokane Outreach Center is a non profit Christian support organization. All funds received go toward payment of monthly expenses for facility rental and then providing financial help to those in need when appropriate. All active members of the organization generate their own financial support. Current monthly cost for the maintaining the facility is $500 (two meeting rooms, two offices)
Statement of Faith:

Community Service:
We meet weekly with persons in need of housing, employment, spiritual guidance, moral support, counseling, food, clothing, encouragement or other life challenges. Our goal is to teach Christian ethics, integrity, and lifestyle while identifying resources that provide for basic needs.

E-Mail Devotion:
An e-mail devotion is sent to 100 addresses on Monday through Friday. Many of them are persons who received Christ at one of our services. The content is focused on integrity, ethics and the gifts of the Spirit.

Evangelical Church Services
Each Saturday morning the S.O.C. Director conducts two church services at Geiger Correction Center (70-99 attend). The Associate Pastor conducts a Spanish speaking service each Thursday at 7pm (20-30). Two community meetings are held weekly, at 4pm on Tuesday and 12pm on Saturday. Christian counseling and bible studies are conducted weekly at three separate correction facilities. Church Services are geared toward pointing to Jesus Christ for the power to overcome earthly human weakness.

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