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Activating Your Covenant

I want us to look in the book of Genesis, where God makes a covenant with Abram (or Abraham). We need to remember and remind ourselves that we, as believers today, are in covenant with God through Jesus Christ. He has redeemed us from the curse of the Law. We are joint heirs with Jesus. Everything He has is ours and everything we have is His. From the beginning until today, God made covenants with His people. The word covenant means "to cut where blood flows"; in other words, to shed blood,to make a blood contract.Every time God cuts a covenant,He entered into a contractual relationship with an individual or a group of people. That covenant always involved an aspect of financial prosperity.

God Wants You To Succeed

We have read in Deuteronomy, chapter 28,about the curse of the Law,which begins with verse 15. But in verses1-14,you will find that part of the blessing of the Law was financial prosperity. God wants you to be a seccess.He wants you to have a most successful business,a financially properous business. That is a part of the testimony of what Jesus does for His people.He doesn't just redeem our souls from hell,though that obviously is the most eternal and most important;He also has redeemed us from the world.He has delivered us out of the authority of darkness and has placed us in a new kingdom,one over which Satan has no control.This kingdom-the kingdom of the Almighty God-has a financial plan and an economy all its own. God's plan is for every believer to prosper and to succeed in this life.That's a part of the testimony of what Jesus Christ will do for you when you turn your whole life over to Him.

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