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The Eye of the Beholder

In the eyes of God we are all created equal
In the eyes of man there are different classes of people
In the eyes of the church it all depends on interpretation
In the eyes of the atheist there is no explanation
In the eyes of the educated it all depends on knowledge
In the eyes of those who lack one experience is their college
In the eyes of the wealthy possessions mean a lot
In the eyes of the less fortunate they settle for what they got
In the eyes of the preacher no other life exists
In the eyes of the layman reality does persist
In the eyes of the teacher lessons are easily taught
In the eyes of the student confusion is constantly fought
In the eyes of the lover the world is but a blur
In the eyes of the loveless their vision is obscured
In the eyes of a father a child needs a strong hand
In the eyes of a child resentment rules the land
In the eyes of the beholder all is relative
In the eyes of our maker there is nothing hid

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