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Shekinah Bible Institute

61 cavalry grounds commercial area, main boulevard Cantt • Lahore, Punjab 01234 • Pakistan • 92-42-6667301/see/charmin/CM03701

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VISION In 1994 God gave a vision to Rev. Dr. Shahid Siraj Din (Late), to establish an Institute where lay people could grow in the knowledge of the Word of God along with continuing their respective profession. "It was he who gave some to be apostles, some to be prophets, some to be evangelists, and some to be pastors and teachers, to prepare God's people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ". (Eph: 4: 11-13) God gave him a vision to start a training institute with a special purpose to train those who have a calling in their lives. The main purpose of this institution is to train people according to their calling in the five-fold ministry. He had a burden to impart teaching to those people who would faithfully help in the multiplication of teaching according to 2nd Timothy "And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others" (2 Timothy 2: 2) The Lord called Rev. Dr. Shahid Siraj Din home on 14th Feb 1998, after having a fruitful ministry for eight years; his sister Dr. Tahira Saleem and his brother in Christ Mr. Aneel Chaudhry are continuing this vision. It is a known fact that education is the foundation of all positive human development, not only social but also spiritual. For this purpose we are committed to provide quality education to our students. DISTINCTIVE FEATURES Shekinah Bible Institute (SBI) is an educational institute offering a wide range of Biblical courses. These have a strong emphasis on faith in God's Word and experience of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Courses will not just include theological teaching but also times of practical application. SBI has blended western curricula of Biblical courses with the cultural requirements of Pakistan. SBI uses latest teaching and learning approaches, equipping students to be versatile in the subject. SBI has introduced new subjects, which were never taught before in Pakistan, e.g. 'Church Management', 'Ethics according to the Bible', 'Christian and Pakistan law' and, 'Institutional management' etc. SBI is the only Bible College functioning in Pakistan on trimester basis. SBI is also the first Bible College in Pakistan, which is affiliated, with a Bible College in England. SBI proudly announces that it is the only Institute in Pakistan, which offers Certificates and Diplomas from Oxford, England. SBI has a permanent as well as a visiting faculty in Pakistan. SBI's faculty does not only include national but also international teachers. SBI is founded on a heavenly vision. The students will acquire skills, which are suitable for their environment and culture with the love and co-operation of their teachers. OUR OBJECTIVES The ultimate plan is to train those called to serve the Lord and to see them start fellowships in various cities that do not have strong local Churches. After the completion of the Course each student will be encouraged to enter some capacity of work for God. MISSION To win, build and send people. To reach the un-reached and lost for Christ and thus fulfilling the Great Commission OUR FACULTY Our faculty consists of professionals who are fully committed to guide students in their acquisition of learning. The interaction between the teachers and the students creates the learning environment, which facilitates mastery of skills and knowledge. We provide our students the permanent and visiting faculty both from national and international levels. Our faculty will be representative of our commitment. Dr. Tahira Saleem M.B.B.S, M.C.P.S, D.G.O M. Div. D. Min. Prof. Dr. Daniel Bukhsh D. Min. Rev. Derek Walker M.A, Oxford, Rhema Bible Diploma, M. Div. Rev. Mrs. Hilary Walker, Rhema Bible Diploma OUR AFFLIATION Shekinah Bible Institute is affiliated with the Shekinah Bible College Oxford, England. The Diplomas and Certificates will be issued to the students from the Shekinah Bible College, Oxford, England through the Shekinah Bible Institute, Pakistan. OUR STUDENTS Bible Institutes exist primarily for the Christian students, who want to go deeper into the Word of God. As a learner they are both the product and a part of an Institution. Students acquire the services of the College and in return the College helps them to attain Christian maturity and placement in service positions. As being an interdenominational Institution, we welcome each and every individual to be a part of SBI, regardless of their denomination or walk of life. SBI provides an opportunity for those lay individuals who want to learn the Word of God as they also continue with their professions. Admissions are based on a foreign admissions criterion, to keep the high standards of the Institute. At SBI we emphasize maintaining an environment of Love, Understanding and Co-operation. STUDENT COUNSELING Students are given personal attention, counseling and guidance. We are dedicated to providing an atmosphere of Love, Understanding and Co-operation to our students. Our Faculty, Management and Administration are always on their toes to help students in any regard. We are all here to serve the Lord JOB PLACEMENT The Group of Disciples of Christ will help place students in newly planted Churches in different cities of Pakistan. This is the future plan for students by the administration of SBI. By doing so we will lessen the mental tension of our students in finding jobs after graduating from SBI. STUDENT HONOURS High achievement is a reward in itself as it helps in building self-confidence and self esteem which ultimately leads to a fruitful life and ministry. High achievers will be awarded with a variety of honors. Diplomas and certificates will be awarded on merit. OUR LOCATION SBI is located on a piece of land which was heavenly guided. The area not only covers Lahore but also Kasur (another city of Pakistan.) Our campus is accessible to those students also who do not have their own transport as it is located near a major transport terminal which not only connects SBI to Lahore but also to Kasur. Moreover the new terminal of Lahore Airport directly links SBI to receive its international students. Lahore is said to be the city of colleges but there is none like SBI. OUR SITE AND LOCATION FACILITIES AT SBI A beautiful building constructed on a heavenly vision with an educational purpose. Student's stationary requirements are met by the Institution. Classrooms commodious well furnished and fitted with chillers to provide the best possible environment for learning. The campus comprises classroom, library and other related offices. SBI intends to buy a large piece of land to facilitate the planned future expansion. SBI's METHODOLOGY We emphasize the participation of students in the class. Students are encouraged to prepare in advance for the lectures, to attend classes regularly, and to work together in-groups with other students. Students are evaluated on their daily performance and their participation in the form of discussions in the class. COURSES SBI has purposefully designed the program of Diploma and Certificate, to provide the best courses from abroad. The Administration of SBI keeps a close eye and regularly reviews and updates the courses in order to provide quality education.

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