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Carter Temple Board Of Christian Education

7841 S. Wabash Ave., • Chicago, IL 60619 • United States • (773)774-0174/75/see/charmin/CM03696

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Board Officers

President; Linda King Vice President: Stephanie Cunningham Secretary: Vinetta Mccoy Treasurer: Rosa Dancy Director: Curly Adams Chaplain: Nina Couch Pastor: Rev. Sylvester Williams Sr. Presiding Elder: Rev. Carrell K. Cargle Sr. Presiding Prelate: Bishop Paul A. Stewart

Mission Statement

The Board of Chcistian Education is an auxiliary board of the local Church/District/Annual Conference of the Christian Methodist Episocopal Church.- The mission of the Board of Christian Education is to provide opportunties for educational ministry to various boards,departments, and age groups of the Church; and to promote Christian nurture,growth and development. The Department focuses on the following educational ministries: A. Children's Ministry B. Youth Ministry C. Young Adult Ministry D. Adult Ministry E. Family Ministry F. Leadership Education G. Literature and Audio-Visuals H. Scouting Ministry

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