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Jerry Mahoney Ministries

421 West Avenue I, • Lovington, NM 88260 • United States • (505) 396-0095/see/charmin/CM03627

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For 9 Years Jerry Mahoney was a professional wrestler on tv and in arenas around the country. Now preaching the glorious gospel of JESUS CHRIST and telling his testimony of how GOD saved him. Youth Pastor and District Youth Director over 10 churches in S. Carolina......Evangelized for 5 years................Pastored 4 churches in 14 years where all have been blessed by GOD and grown. Two of the churches he pastored were on the Navajo Indian Reservation for 10 years.................Now in Lovington New Mexico basically starting new work. Looking for GOD to bless and do miracously there as well.


Please pray for this new work, that souls will be saved, fianancial needs will be met, healings will take place, deliverances and chains broken from bad habits and bondage. God Promised me 10% of this city if I would come...... God has already increased the attendance from 2 ---65 l;ast sunday on youth day,,,,praise the Lord.. Already healed a lady from a cancer on her throat the size of a large egg......on and on and on....we expect GOD to DO IT AGAIN OVER AND OVER UNTIL HE COMES JESUS IS COMING ARE YOU READY? ARE YOU BORN AGAIN ? YOU CAN KNOW THAT WHEN YOU DIE YOU'LL GO TO HEAVEN REPENT OF SIN AND ASK JESUS IN YOUR HEART...NOW!

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