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On Fire Ministries

35 Richmond Hill Rd., • Norwalk, CT 06854 • United States • 203-838-3959/see/charmin/CM03620

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Christ The Healer

Jesus Christ is the Healer of the whole person; spirit, soul, and body.
When I was 18 years old God gave me a gift of healing that would
manifest in my hands. I began to pray for people and they would fall
under the power of the Holy Spirit and be healed of what was hurting
them. This tangible touch of God I feel all over my body comes on
me now everyday. When I pray with people that anointing goes into them.
I don't understand it but God touches people through me. There is a
tremendous power of God available for the healing of people. I have
recently started ministering in my church and God has been confirming
His Word with signs and wonders. The main goal in all of this is to
point people to Jesus. Jesus must receive all the glory or else this
gift will leave me. I am doing His work and not mine. He has
commissioned me to preach His Gospel to the world and see souls
saved and made whole by His awesome power...Praise the Lord!

Scheduling availabilty

I can be reached to hold services at any church during weeknights
and all day on Weekends. Call 203-838-3959 to schedule.

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