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All Souls International

40 Conant Street Unit 6, • Danvers, MA 01923 • United States • 978-750-4590/see/charmin/CM03610

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Hello and Welcome! I am Rev. Fr. Geoffrey W. Ames, SHC, B.A., N.C.B.F.; a member of the Old Catholic jurisdiction Christ's Worldwide Apostolic Catholic Church and the Servants of the Holy Cross. Please take a moment to read about a great new way to assist the work of Christ on earth. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ "All Souls International" is an organizational that builds bridges between people by the use of prayer and outreach. This organization is ecumenical and follows the "Old Catholic" (non-papal) sacramental tradition and form of worship. "All Souls International" is open to Christians of all denominations who profess the Apostle's Creed and the Nicene Creed. "All Souls International" exists to provide outreach services through intercessory prayer, worship opportunities, ministry opportunities through ASI's Prayer Partner program and fellowship whether in person or on the World Wide Web to those former Catholics and others of Christ's Church on earth; especially those who have been rejected or disillusioned by the "Church". ASI will also serve as a resource for those who are seeking spiritual guidance and inquiring about the possibility of formal ministry. ASI's programs and resources are supported by your good will offerings of any amount. ASI is a continuation of Christ's Worldwide Apostolic Catholic Church and the Servants of the Holy Cross - both Old Catholic and non-papal religious organizations. We practice open communion with all baptized Christians; place the utmost importance on education and the individual's conscience and freedom of thought in spiritual matters; and we uphold the Holy Bible as the inspired Word of God sufficient in all matters of this life. ALL are welcome! We hope you will find rest here. **ASI will be applying for non-profit status in the very near future.


ALL SOULS PRAYER MINISTRY seeks to provide a prayer request service to those in any walk and condition of life. A prayer request can be sent by email, by telephone and by regular ground mail if desired. There is no charge for prayer but if you so desire to help with maintaining and increasing this ministry please feel free to send what you can if you are able. Do not let money keep you from asking for your prayer needs. I will be happy to provide intercessory prayer for what ever prayer needs you have! Peace be with you! ********************************************************************** ALL SOULS PRAYER PARTNER PROGRAM was created to extend the reach of ALL SOULS PRAYER MINISTRY and ALL SOULS INTERNATIONAL by providing an opportunity for lay ministry as a PRAYER PARTNER. A Prayer Partner helps support this ministry outreach via an annual fee of $25.00 and a supporting pledge of $5.00 per month. Additionally Prayer Partners will receive a beautiful Prayer Partner pin; a newsletter published twice each year in January and June; a list of prayer needs for each month and the satisfaction of knowing that you are providing a valuable service of ministry through prayer. Please write or email for an application. Thank you and may God richly bless you!

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