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Holly T. Cox

& Direct Impact Ministries
Holly T. Cox
What is Direct Impact Ministries? It is an opportunity to make a "Direct Impact" on people, communities and the world! Fulfilling the Great Commission is our Mission! Led by Holly T. Cox and hubby Chris- Direct Impact Ministries combines great music, testimony, skits and you can choose one night or one week- Restore, Revive or Recruit! Let's do it!

 Hey Ya'All! Did you hear my accent! LOL! Let's get together and raise the roof! I believe in living life to the fullest extent possible and come in ready to rock the house!

If there's one thing I've learned it is to totally take all that God has given and learn from it, laugh about it and teach others to do the same- that's just a small part of discovering the ABUNDANT LIFE God promises us! He does indeed "work everything together for good!" and "There is therefore now no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus," so quit living like a condemned prisoner! Learn to break free and fly!

Combining great Christian music, entertaining and inspirational speaking- and topics that are suitable to meet any audience.

Holly is a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer who specializes in strength training. However, has also been known to "kick-some-tail" in her fitness classes.
Holly is a writer, Christian speaker, singer and song-writer she writes for a local paper on fitness, in addition has written and choreographed the Bodies 4 Christ program. She is married, has two (almost) grown children, and lives just outside of Dallas, TX.

Holly T. Cox

Holly T. Cox has worked for over twenty years in the field of family violence including domestic violence, child abuse, substance abuse, family counseling, group therapy in addition to her work as a counselor, group counselor in facilities such as domestic violence shelters, psychiatric care facilities, residential treatment facilities she has also held a board position on the AZ Governor's Task Force Against Domestic Violence.

Holly's work with the AZ. Governor's office to help develop the first law against domestic violence that was soon passed, in addition to that bill, Holly helped to outline and develop several local and national programs, shelters and assistance for victims of violence.

From her experience she went on to write several articles for magazines, newspapers and various publications. She has developed group therapeutic programs and worked as a Supervisor, Lead Counselor and Assessment Supervisor in the fields of abuse, neglect, mental health and substance abuse.

Holly has also worked as an administrative supervisor for one of the largest companies in the world and knows the stress levels of performing difficult, time-sensitive tasks while maintaining family responsibilities as a wife and mother.

During the past twenty plus years, Holly has used her experiences in the field as well as her own personal experiences as a victim of abuse, rape and molestation to help others not just survive, but to overcome and live an abundant life.

Through education and specific programs: Whether for large corporations, institutions or individuals. She has used her focus, drive and determination to become a viable asset to companies and organizations that she has worked for including her work as a jury profiler, advocate, writer and national speaker.

Due to the fact that she has always worked to help overcome challenges both professionally and personally, it would only make sense that she now works as an advocate in the field of complete-overall health and wellness.

Holly T. Cox formed A.F.I.T.A.: the American Fitness Instructors and Trainers Association: Bringing the entire community of corporate, individuals, community, medical, government and fitness professionals together to help America become healthy one county at a time- In addtion Holly developed a workout/devotional program called Bodies 4 Christ and still ownes and operates her speaking/singing schedule with Direct Impact Ministries.

AFITA is a non-profit 501c3 organization that combines fitness with education, nutrition and spiritual coaching to all aspects of our community including the individuals, schools, churches, businesses, medical professionals and governments in that community.

AFITA offers such programs as individual and group fitness, speakers, education- including CPR, health and fitness expos, and fitness certifications, nutrition: including coaching, cooking demonstrations, and meal planning; sports camps, clinics, community contests, corporate wellness programs in addition, works with the local city and county governments to assist in health and wellness initiatives including but not limited to program development and specialty projects.

If you have any further question or would like to know more: Please visit our website at: or email us at: or personally contact Holly T. Cox at: 214.399.0683. to view more: go to: or


A.F.I.T.A. LOGOThe American Fitness Instructors and Trainers Association: A.F.I.T.A. A four component program designed for individuals, communities, businesses and Fitness Instructors and Trainers.
Education, Training, as well as certifications for the Trainers
Education, Community Events, Contests, Fitness Classes, Personal Trainings, sports camps/clinics & more for the individuals and communities
Health and Wellness programs for the Corporations and Businesses-
For more information please click on the logo.  

Bodies 4 ChristBodies 4 Christ combines great Christian music with daily devotionals and your daily work out! If you are an organization, church, Christian ministry who would like to open the doors of opportunity to your members and your community please contact us! DVDs coming soon!

Holly T. CoxHolly T. Cox has been on the National Speaking circuit for more than 10 years. She is a certified family counselor, fitness instructor, pesonal trainer, author, writer, recording artist, singer and song-writer. For her complete biographical information, click on the picture seen here to go directly to her bio.

Contact Holly at: 214.399.0683 or go to: for further information.

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