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Gifted Vocalist

I am an anointed Gifted vocalist of The Lord. I know now that I am a gifted vocalist because I was given up to die. Doctors gave me up to die of a Kidney and Lung disease that caused me to swell with over 100 pounds of fluid, satan thought I was dying. I am healed in the name of Jesus. I have no fluid, I have my voice back and I am ready to come to your place of Worship and share this and more of what happen to me during that time season. I am anointed by the POWER OF GOD TO SING AND YOKES WILL BE DESTROYED,BURDENS WILL BE MOVED. I have endured so much and I am ready to share what The Lord has blessed me with. I laid hands on myself when I actually left my body and came back. I was afraid because the Doctors stated that I would not be able to sing any more. By the grace of God I am in the Dotty People's Choice Chorale. I am working with her producers now for a demo and I need your support finacially, spiritually, I need a manager, and a Record Contract. If you need me to sing, please call at 770-998-3079 or email at Thank God for his Grace. By the Grace Of God, I AM HEALED IN JESUS NAME.


My Ministry is based on the hurting people of the World. I want to go out and sing the songs of Zion. I am blessed to have endured High Blood Pressure, High Cholestrol, Blood clot that exploded in my lungs. I have a Ministry that will Destroy the devil and his imps. The Lord has a great work for me and I know that he is the source of my strenght. I love to help all of the hurting and just let them hear the Songs from Heaven. I also work with More Of The Rock Ministry. In this Ministry I Travel to Prisons and Sing to the Inmates.

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