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Twelve Fishermen Christian Ministry

12012 Rue Des Amis, • San Diego, CA 92131 • United States • 858-586-0957/see/charmin/CM03353

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Peace of Mind for Elders during Serious Illness

The Twelve Fishermen is a Christian Organization with the vision of establishing clinics which would be able to room 25 to 40 physically ill senior/elder citizens. They will be treated in Christian love and the laying of hands along with the latest developments in food suppliments, vitamins, herbs, massages and minerals. We are currently located in San Diego, California to develope and perfect the best delivery of the Treatment Clinic Center, which will be offered to non-profit Christian Ministries in every city. San Diego was chosen because it is a high traffic tourist city which will make the example of the service offered to the sick and old to be replicated in any other city. The Twelve Fishermen ministry has been blessed to be associated with a Christian company having a food suppliment that has demonstrated to reduce the discomfort, the weakness, the loss of appetite, and the loss of hope of the very sick. This company has pledged some funding and is providing of the food suppliment for clinical trials and the treatments given in the clinics. We also pray that there are Christian workers in all size cities which will rise up and duplicate the services and results for the glory and praise of our Lord. We pray for financial aid to be able to set up clinical operation by the end of 1999. The need to offer low income families especially senior citizens with health services that will not leave them broke. The major reason seniors go without medical and preventative health treatments is the high expense while on a fixed income.

What can YOU do to help the Twelve Fishermen

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for one day, Teach a man to fish and you feed him and his family for a life time." The Twelve Fishermen Christian Ministry is dedicated to providing and teaching the use of alternative healing methods and the use of vitamins, food suppliments, herbs and healing touch to the less privledged and elderly. For information regarding the services and products that will be used reply to We appreciate any donations that you are led to give. Please mail donations to: Tweleve Fishermen Christian Ministry, Attn: Sponsoring Services, 12012 Rue Des Amis, San Diego, CA 92131.

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