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the Spirit of Pentecost Ministries

A Ministry of HELP!, Executive Offices: 3560 Steve Drive • Marietta, GA 30064 • United States • 7704190496/see/charmin/CM03343

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Biographical Profile Elder Tj Miller Founder

Tj Miller, A native of Cleveland, Ohio. A loving husband and caring father. Tj Miller loves the Lord and have been saved for over 30 years. He begin his ministry at the age of 10 and was reknown as a boyhood preacher in the city of cleveland. Raised in the pente- costal faith , in 1989 Tj Miller heeded the leading of the spirit to Join the Church of God in Christ Denomination- He was Ordained an Elder By both his Pastor and the Presiding Bishop of the Church: Bishop Chandler David Owens. Tj Miller served as personal Adjutant to Bishop Owens. He founded the Miller Pentecostal Ministry, in Milwaukee Wi. and the Spirit of Pentecost Atlanta, GA. a ministry of help aiding hurricane victims-the homeless- drug addicts and alcholics. Tj Miller was featured in News Week magazine for his work at Dr. Martin Luther Kings SCLC- he as served as asistant director of communications to Dr. Joseph lowery. Interviewed by ABC News 48 Hours for afican americans Businessman in United States Television show Tj Miller is also founder and President of the Miller Tea Company, a national company which distributes herbal products in all 48 states Tj Miller educational and biblical studies include: Cleveland Heights High School- Cuyahoga Community College- Ohio school of Broadcast Institute- the Way Biblical research Institute.Tj Miller encourages people to know " That God did not promise that skies would not always be blue, but he did promise strength for your day and joy for you way.

the Spirit of Pentecost a Ministry of Help

We believe that if the World is going to see Jesus the world must see The Jesus in us. We believe in ministering to the hurting of society. it's through the supplying of needs be it food -clothing- shelter , we are able to PREACH Jesus. We believe in the simplicity of holiness and and the submission of a sanctifield life to God. you see when you don't feel good about yourself it is hard to feel good about anything or anyoneone else. You miss the value and worth of every exsperience. Self hate is a vicious cycle that leads to self destruction. The only way to get out of the cycle is to make Jesus apart of who you are becoming. contact us and allow us to introduce Jesus to you.

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