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Holy Angels Housing Program

American Congregation of Saint Benedict, 3700 East 12 th Street • Oakland, Ca 94601 • United States • 510-534-7088/see/charmin/CM03317

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The Most Rev. Donald Pierce Weeks, DD, OSB Abbot/Bishop EMail:

The Reverend Father Richard Joseph Lyons, OSB Office Manager EMail:


OFFICE HOURS: Monday to Friday 10:00 AM to 5: 00 PM


Holy Angels Housing Program is an outreach ministry of The American Congregation of Saint Benedict (CA) and The Apostolic Episcopal Church, Province of The West. The Program was founded in May of 1991 with the purpose of providing recovery for men, women and children who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. We are not a primary care center but a transitional housing program, located in the Fruitvale section of Oakland, California. Most men are expected to live within The Program for one year. We are not a government funded program nor do government rules and regulations apply. We are funded by the men who reside within The Program.
The cost of The Program will vary. Men who are in private rooms pay $300.00 per month; men in either of the two dormitories pay $250.00 per month. There is a $50.00 per month pantry fee and a dinner meal is served. All fees must be paid upon entry of The Program. GA, SSI, SSA and EDD funds are accepted.
Basic rules and regulations apply. Every man is expected to continue on in his recovery by attending self-help, NA/AA or other outside meetings.
Holy Angels is conducted by the American Congregation of Saint Benedict, an Anglican-Rite Benedictine Community. Religious services are provided but are not imposed upon the residents. There is Bible Study and daily prayer and Holy Communion available in our chapel. We invite and encourage our residents to attend our Services or to worship at the services at their respective Church, Synagogue or Mosque. We do not discriminate against race, color, creed, or sexual orientation. We are not equipped at this time to accept handicapped persons.
For further information, please contact Father Richard Joseph Lyons, OSB at telephone: 510-534-7702

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