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Bible & Prayer Ministries

Box 115C Golding Road, • Perry, ME 04667 • United States • (207) 853-4272/see/charmin/CM03280

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Bible & Prayer Ministries

WHAT IS BIBLE & PRAYER MINISTRIES? Bible & Prayer Ministries is a non-denominational 1st step ministry. It's focus is leading the lost to Jesus Christ. PURPOSE: Bible & Prayer Ministries purpose is simply to use those with a heart for the lost for ministry regardless of their Christian denominational affiliation. We are not competitive but cooperative with the local Christian church wherever we minister. FORMATION: Formed in 1980, Bible & Prayer Ministries has been a help to local churches and thousands of people across the United States and parts of Canada through preaching, teaching, publication of the written Word, music and audio cassettes. Bible & Prayer Ministries makes their outreach ministry available free of charge. FINANCES: Free-will offerings while in ministry and donations by friends of the ministry are our only source of revenue. MEMBERSHIP: All of Bible & Prayer Ministries members attend their own churches and work with this ministry on a volunteer basis as their time & finance permits. WORK OF THE MINISTRY: The ministry is mobile in that it works from Maine to Florida in the months of October through April.The work of the ministry in the Spring and Summer months is primarily in New England and Canada. FORMS OF MINISTRY: Street ministry through Gospel music concerts and preaching of the Gospel are our main form of outreach to the lost. Shut-in ministry to people in the prison systems, nursing homes, boarding homes and hospitals are next and of course to the church as time permits and the doors open. YOUTH MINISTRY: Bible & Prayer Ministries reaches out to the youth of our nation with free counselling tapes. There are 42 topics made available to those in neeed. A free list may be obtained by request.

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