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More Of The Rock Motivational Ministry Center

P.O. Box 455, • Avondale Estate, GA 30002 • United States • 4042992953/see/charmin/CM03259

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The vision is to help the homeless get off the street, get a job teach them about THE LOVE OF CHRIST, show them the way to christ. The Ministry here is also focusing on prisoners. We will help the prisoner have a place to live for about 6-12 months so that they can learn about the lord, get them a job have a place to adress too. These prisoners will learn how to fuction in the society. I Evangelist Rockymore will need help Finacially in assisting getting for the center, electricity, a building, clothes and most of all spending money for the in house members. This vision was giving by the lord and we are asking for your support. Praise Him

Evangelist Michelle Rockymore

Evangelist Michelle Rockymore If you ever need Evangelist Rockymore to minister, she will be there. This evangelist is ready, willing and able to feed all gods people with the word that he is giving her. She is annointed, powerful and she's a female version of the The Great Bishop T.D. Jakes. Please call on Evangelist Rockymore and I promise the lord will bless you. I've witness the power of god using her as a healer, prophetess and word of knowlede. Please Call 404-299-2953 and she will be at your feet to serve you the lords word. Praise God, Bro Rahn Hatcher

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