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Fasting A Step Toward Intimacy With God

The Lord led Donna Kay and me to write a fasting book based on God's word and our own experiences with fasting. The book covers the major fast of the old and new Testament along with a long fast I completed and a forty-day fast that Donna Kay and I completed together. Our fourty-day fast together was life changing. It is covered in detail. There is also a chapter on How Do I Fast? It has some hepful hints on how to fast. There are by the way many ways to fast. Donna Kay is currently working on a Fasting Cook Book. It will have many nutritional helps in it. Hopefully it will be our in the spring.

Will God Change His Mind

This is a book which will be out of the printers around October. It is a parallel study of how God dealt with Israel in the Old Testament and how He is dealing with America now. It will be 235 pages and will have some 185 footnotes to document our statements.

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