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Messenger of the Great King Inc.

4971 N.W. 13 Street, • Lauderhill, Fl 33313 • United States • (954) 261-5567/see/charmin/CM03188

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The Purpose

The members of this organization want to plant churches, organize social activities such as fund raising and missionary work to help reach souls to Jesus. To promote, foster, increase and advance the spiritual, civic, social welfare of the people of Haiti and America; to encourage and support the work of medical and educational facilities and other social services in haiti; to provide financial and other economic assistance focusing on the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ; to organize visitation to prisons and hospitals; to solicit, collect, and otherwise raise money for charitiable, health related, educational and spiritual purposes and to expand such monies for such purposes and generally to endeavor to advance and improve the health, welfare and well being of the people of Haiti and America.

Corporate Nature

This is a non-profit corporation organize for religious, cultural and charitiable purposes. In futherence of its corporate purpose, the corporation shall have all the general powers of non-for-profit corporation law, together with the power to solicit grants and contributions for corporate purposes. To operate excusively in any other manner for such charitable community services and social purposes as will qualify if exempt organization on the section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code of 1954 as amended or under any corresponding provisions of any subsequent federal laws covering the distribution to organization qualify as tax exepmt organization on the Internal Revenue code amended including private operating foundations.

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