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To The Ends Of The Earth Ministries

c/o Grace Christian Church, 501 W. College St. • Albert Lea, MN 56007 • United States • 605-351-6044

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Insights from Israel into the Bible, Jesus the Messiah, and the Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith.  Check us out at

Who we are:

Isaiah prophesied that in the last days the Word of the Lord will go forth from Zion...and it is!  Incredible discoveries are being made in Israel that make it possible to understand the Bible more accurately than for almost two thousand years!  And this new information is going out to the nations:  To The Ends Of The Earth Ministries is making instruction and media available from Jerusalem to Asia to train pastors, missionaries, and ordinary believers.  And now, through the internet, we're impacting the world!

Check out our website where you'll find complete seminars to bring you up to date on the latest discoveries, as well as insightful teachings, questions and answers, audio and video, and much more--all devoted to helping Christians get in touch with the foundations of our faith in Israel.  Join us as we explore the Jewish Roots of Christianity and take this exciting information To The Ends Of The Earth!

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