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Real Miracles

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In this site you will find everything you need to know about God, about the Holy Bible, and about God's program for the ages: including God's program for you!

You will read about MIRACLES: "real miracles". You will find help, deliverance, and direction. You will know WHAT to do, and WHERE to go.


To help men, women, and children who want to know God, to learn about God, and to be used by God. Also, to provide help for those who need miracles or direction from God.


Miracles from around the world - from the Middle East to Mozambique, from Africa to Asia, from the islands of the Pacific to the Indian Ocean - over 35 years of service to the nations of the world. With a vision of providing FREE services to men, women, and children who want to experience God daily here on earth and live in Heaven forever.


There are Bible Studies through the complete New Testament, Advanced Studies for ministry leaders and Christian workers, as well as Rabbinical Studies for Messianic Research. International and world missions resources are available, with practical helps that have been fruitful over time to help in the raising up and growth of hundreds of churches.


Many of the resources and services on this site are available in languages other than English.There is foreign language assistance. You may email us in most major languages. We can translate in 27 languages including Chinese, Japanese, and Swahili.

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