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Christian Friends

Corke Abbey, Corke Abbey Estate • Bray, Co Wicklow, Republic of Ireland Wicklow • Ireland (TEL:) +353-87 233 9699 • 087-233 9699 -from Eire

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* To work, principally,
among BIBLE believing Christians
and with those proclaiming Christ,
* (1) Restoration
to assist the church in the formulation or restoration, in the individual, of a firm and fervent relationship with God

* (2) Reconciliation
to encourage & foster a healthy relationship with others, especially with other Chrsitains

* (3) Rehabilitation
to practically assist in building and developing the life goals & ambitions of the Christian


We aim:
* To Promote & Encourage Unity among Christians
* To Promote, Foster & Encourage Unity in Bible Believing Christian Churches
* To Provide Confidential Advice & Practical Assitance, where possible, to Christians in need
* To Provide Training and Facilitation of Work Related Skills which will improve or enhance the Employability or Self-sustenance of the Bible Believing Christian
* To Support Existing Ministers in their various Ministries, and to serve as a Significant Resource Centre for Ministers everywhere.

ACTIVITIES are intended to include:
* Teaching & Exhorting
* Advice & Counselling
* Support & Mentoring
* Information

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