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Yeshua Kavod Israel

st.Lermontova 14 ap.2, st.Generala Schastnogo 7 ap.27 • Zhitomir, Zhitomir region 262000 • Ukraine • (0412)372861,fax(0412)378481/see/charmin/CM03044

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Y'shua King of Jerusalem

Dear,friend in Him! We will thanks for your life for Y'shua in order to Him aims were fulfilled in sooner and He will come secondly! We are seeing of Him aims in next areas: -brining gospel of Y'shua(Jesus) to Israel,both with other messianic groups who already shared good news about Messiah in Israel -help to return for jewish(espacially for handicapped,elderly-lonely,invalids,orphans) to Israel from Former Soviet Union -acts in any away by will of Him for save of Jerusalem and rise name of Y'shua there -to support messianic believers in Jerusalem(in actually needs) -help to poor people,orphans,widows and etc. and much more

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Yeshua Kavod Israel

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