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South London Bible College

Skillion Centre, 99-103 Lomond Grove • Camberwell, London SE5 7HN • United Kingdom • 0207 703 5566/see/charmin/CM02993

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South London Bible College is a charismatic and pentecostal training centre established to meet the training needs for those called into ministry. We are especially concerned to equip independent ministers who are called into establishing their own ministries and planting churches.
We offer Certificate, Diploma, Bachelors and Masters Degrees over 2 or 3 years. Those with 'Advance Standing' (explained in prospectus) can study over 2 years. These courses are available on a fulltime or parttime basis. Entrance requirements are very basic.
Students come from all over the world, including Paksitan, India, the Philippines, the West Indies, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, the UK, Kenya, Mauritius, Uganda, Sierra Leone and other nations.
Five Study Programmes: * Certificate * Diploma * Bachelors * Postgraduate Diploma * Masters Degree
Seven Course Options: * Biblical Studies * Christian Doctrine * Urban Missions * Ministerial Studies * Theology * Christian Counselling * Pastoral Counselling
In addition to the fulltime (Monday-Thursday) and Monday evening course, there is a saturday Bible/Ministry Course, as well as the Saturday Counselling School. Students may join the college in September, Janauary or April each year.
The Faculty is made up of 25 lecturers (some Resident, some Adjunct), who are all practitionars in Christian ministry. Most are pastors, while some are evangelists and Christian educators. There are currently about 50 students in the college. We have centres in Camberwell, Clapham and Waterloo, different areas of South London.
Fees: Parttime fees start from 25 per month (300 per annum), while fulltime fees start from 85 per month (1020 per annum)
Application Procedure: For a Free Prospectus and Application Simply call 0207 703 5566 (London), or Send an Email to, or Write to: South London Bible College, Skillion Centre, 99-103 Lomond Grove, London SE5 7HN


First Year Subjects include the following: Foundational Doctrines, Christology, Soteirology, Faith Foundations, Christian Family, Pastoral Ministry, Introduction to psychology, Introduction to Counselling, OT Survey, NT Survey, Pentateuch, Hermeneutics, Introduction to NT Greek, NT Theology, and Psychodynamic Counselling Skills.
Second Year Subjects: Life of Prayer, Spiritual Warfare, Pneumatology, Praise and Worship, Ecclesiology, Urban Evangelism, Global Missions, Comparative Religion, Roman Catholicism, Homiletics, OT History, Major Prpohets, Minor Prophets, The Gospels, Angelology, Demonology, Biblical Anthropology, Science and Faith, Black and African Theology, Liberation and Prosperity Theology, Introduction to Sociology, Introduction to Philosophy, Integrated Counselling Skills, Crisis and Bereavement Counselling, Pastoral Counselling in Action.
Third Year Subjects: Acts of the Apostles, Church History, Reformation Church History, Pentecostal Church History, Prophecy and the Prophetic, Apologetics, Practical Ministry, Christian Ethics, Ministerial Ethics, Leadership, Management in Ministry, Pauline Epistles, Hebrews, the Book of Job, Introduction to Theology, Systematic Theology, Eschatology and Book of Revelation.

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