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The job that is not completed

Alas for the church sleepeth ! It is time to wake up from our slumber and redeem the things that the devil has taken away. Many are the souls perishing without Jesus Christ in their lives.It is time to wake up unto righteousness. It is time to care for the perishing and save the dying. Let us tell them that Jesus loves them.
Let as many as are children of the most high God be ready to spend and be spent for the Gospel. Who knows maybe for this reason God has brought you to this position. Be a missionary whether short term or long term. Give to mission works materially and financially. For your information, some people are ready to lay down their lives, careers, positions etc. for the sake of the gospel but could not perform at all or not to expectation because of lack of fund for the mission project. Remember that we are interdependent: some people will go for the harvest while some people will give towards the harvest which ever is your calling or ability, act and now! The world soul harvest is not completed at all. If you as a Christian who has the opportunity do something fail to do something who else will? May the Lord depend on you.

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