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More Than Conquerors, Inc. is an organization with a mission to minister to the needs of those who are afflicted with virus that causes AIDS. We are a body of men and women with a vision to impact our metropolitan area and the world of HIV/AIDS with love and compassion. We exist to serve the church, community and individuals by (1) encouraging and supporting church members in becoming involved with AIDS Ministries; (2) instructing church groups and individuals through a variety of programs and presentation based on the teaching of Jesus Christ and His call to compassion; (3) informing individuals about care giving opportunities, ministry models, counseling and support group. We feel a great need for an organization such as ours because of the massive numbers of infected individuals have lost communication with their church or religious institution. Because spirituality is a crucial part of most individual lives, we have committed ourselves to bridge the gap that separates one from its church or religious institution.


More Than Conquerors, Inc. provides the following services: Weekly spiritual support groups Buddy Program HIV Prevention and Risk Reduction Workshops Pastoral Counseling Bereavement Counseling Light Housekeeping Resource Center for pastors, and individuals. Transportation Service Special Worship and Prayer Service for the healing of AIDS

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