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Lorenson Ministries / Youth Attack Ministries

10101 State Hwy 32, • Strathcona, MN 56759 • United States • 218-686-2580/see/charmin/CM02810

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LORENSON MINISTRIES / YOUTH ATTACK MINISTRIES Evangelist Rev. Vernon D. Lorenson, along with various other members of the team travel all over the Red River Valley area and beyond spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. Vernon has over 23 years experience in the ministry. He traveled with his parents, brothers, and sister over an area of up to 20 states for several years singing, playing, speaking, and ministering to the hundreds and thousands of people that they came into contact with. They ministered in many different settings such as: churches of most every kind, schools, nursing homes, jails, festivals, county fairs, and much more. Anytime the Lord opened a door, they stepped through.

Vernon was licensed as a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ in Des Moines, Iowa on March 23, 1989. The ministry continued. Though the full family ministry has slowed down, Vernon now enjoys his solo and/or team ministry opportunities. He has now ministered in 22 U.S. States, 2 Canadian Provinces, and one Mexican State. Other members of the team bring years of counseling and teaching skills and experience as well as further prayer support to the group. They have all "been through the fire" and now stand to tell that GOD WILL SEE YOU THROUGH. They are very open to the leading of the Holy Spirit and are willing to do "whatever it takes" to get the job done. They have a very powerful anointing upon their ministry and everything they do. Within their lives, the Lord has worked many mighty miracles. Their testimony is one that will make you cry, laugh, then cry again.

To book a crusade in your area:

Simply give them a call at (218)686-2580. You may also write to them at the address listed above, or you may e-mail them HERE.



There is no charge to get this team to come to your area. They do, however request a free will offering to help with the expenses of their ministry. They may also have tapes, cds, videos, books, and t-shirts, etc for sale following the crusades and would ask for your cooperation in this matter. The teams only requirement in this area is that there be a separate area provided for their retail tables to be set up, as they will not set up any retail sales tables in any church sanctuary. Please call for any further details.

  • The team would prefer at least a 4 week notice to do a crusade in your area.  This is to allow for any personal schedule changes that need to be made and will also give ample time to announce the upcoming event. but exceptions can be made depending on the situation.

  • The ministry team will try to follow a theme if you have one set, if not they will just allow the Holy Spirit to lead.

  • Access to the building or grounds where the crusade will be held should be available at least 4 hours in advance for small indoor crusades, up to12 hours for medium to large indoor crusades, and a full day for very large or outdoor crusades. This is to allow the team ample to set up any equipment they may need for the crusade.

  • At approximately one and one half hours before crusade time, the team would like to meet with the pastors, ministers, youth leaders, counselors, and crusade arrangers for a time of final spiritual preparation and prayer. During this time, no interruptions will be allowed. This is the most important part of preparing for the crusade, and the team would like it to be treated as such.

  • Immediately after the prayer, the team would like to be left alone for the last remaining minutes before the start of the crusade. This is to allow the Holy Spirit time to speak to them about what to say and do. During this time, just as with the prayer time, no interruptions will be allowed.

  • Following the crusade, the team may need some assistance in repacking all of their equipment and supplies into their cases and into their vehicles.

  • A final prayer will be held with any remaining pastors, ministers, counselors, crusade arrangers, etc before the team leaves the area.

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