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The Lord's Library Ministries

307 Richmond Rd., • Ottawa, ON K1Z 6X3 • Canada • 1-613-728-4530/see/charmin/CM02776

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Mission Statement

We are printing and sending out evangelical Christian literature, world-wide, for twenty years. A small print shop is operated in our church and we rejoice in helping others. A book had been published IS IT WELL WITH THE CHILD? by Wm.Oosterman. The book is a novel that shares a "believers baptist" position through the tragic death of a young lad and the reaction of the family and community. It is attractively bound, 220 pages pb. Send $12.00 USD to the above address.

Picture Of Solomon's Temple

This is a full color poster/print that can be framed, of themost holy building ever constructed. It took 5 years to deveol, and was produced by a certified engineer on a comutor, using auto0cad. It look s like a real photo of the temple as it looked in the time of Christ. A real conversation piece. About 14 X 24 inches, truly spectacular. Mailed in a tube: $10.00 USD, includes shipping costs. Money back satisfaction guaranteed. Make checks out to Beauchamp & Oosterman

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