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Full Gospel Bible ministry

Mr. Robert Vaughn, ATTN: pastor, C/O PO Box 829 • Arcata, CA 95518 • United States • 707 822-0755/see/charmin/CM02651

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Narrow Escape

During August of 1972 I met the Lord Jesus Christ, the Adonai Ysua Messiah as personal Lord and Saviour after being robbed, knifed, and left for dead. My personal salvation testimony is called "Narrow Escape". Well over 10,000 copies have been distributed and it has been published twice on the internet. It has been given to foreign missionary workers to translate and use overseas. My goal is to publish the good news as much as possible!

5759 will become the year 5760 LONG before 2000!

With all the emphasis on Y2K, the weekend of September 12th and 13th, 1999 has gotten little or no attention. For over 5000 years bread on the table and wine in a cup has represented the Lord God Almighty! BOTH 1999 and 5759 point to the same Person! The Lord Jesus Christ! It is the APPEARING of the Lord Jesus Christ that will bring about the single greatest change in the world in millinea! There is much confusion based on false teaching. The truth is that Jesus Christ will return according to God's set times and seasons! Jesus Christ was and is the fulfillment of the law: the law of love! Man cannot change either the law or the set times or seasons! The current fighting in the Balkans points to the eventual invasion of Israel in accordance with biblical prophecy. Not as man teaches or believes but as God has decreed! Jesus Christ still seeks to find and to save the lost! It is the ongiong ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ! The book of Acts, ARE the acts of Jesus Christ! ONGIONG! The book of Revelation, is the revelation of Jesus Christ! ONGOING! Men gain the whole world, put their faith in relatively recent historical teachings such as the "rapture" and LOSE their SOULS! The love of many has waxed cold just as the Lord Jesus said that it would. Creation is groaning for the return of the Creator... the Lord Jesus Christ! Unlike other orders of creation, mankind still enjoys darkness and is divided against God and one another! We are in the times as in the days of Noah and of Lot and Abraham! Now is the time to love God and our neighbors as ourselves folks! The SOONER the BETTER! For prayer or other communication contact: Robert Vaughn or c/o: R. Vaughn, attn: pastor Full Gospel Bible Ministry PO Box 829 Arcata, California 95518 PRAYER support is GREATLY appreciated!

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