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Katherine Degenhardt's Educationals Ministries

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Christian Counseling and Teaching Services

Degenhardt Educationals is a non-profit, Christ-centered, Biblically based educational and counseling ministry. In 1987 Katherine formed Degenhardt Educationals as a ministry tool living out Acts 20:24 and II Corinthians 1:4. Katherine is a Master Level Social Worker, Christian counselor, author, and television host. She cooperates with the Holy Spirit ministering in her spiritual gifting of counseling and teaching. Through prayer and practical Biblical information Katherine points to Jesus Christ as the ultimate teacher and healer. Specific areas of expertise include individual and family restoration, grief, loss, depression, addiction, co-dependencies, and spiritual concerns. A testimony from Katherine's counseling practice: "Katherine's book Breaking Family Addictions and personal counseling sessions have helped me identify and resolve many difficult issues while giving me both practical and spiritual principals for living, all from a Biblical God-centered perspective." Her husband reported, "Working through Breaking Family Addictions with my wife has helped bring difficult subjects to light and has brought us closer together."

Products and Services

BOOK - BREAKING FAMILY ADDICTIONS ($15.95); A book of hope and healing designed to lead the counselor and counselee through a step-by-step process of freedom from bondage. The appendix contains comprehensive self-assessment tools and questionnaires. An adaptable group leader's guide is included. BOOK - PRAYING GOD'S PROMISES ($9.00); A pocket size prayer journal designed to encourage and strengthen the reader. This practical tool is filled with scripture promises coupled with corresponding prayers that result in effective change. Space is provided to journal thoughts, feelings, and personal insights. FAMILY MOBILE - DEGENHARDT FAMILY LEARNING SYSTEM ($345.00); A high quality teaching and counseling tool developed to illustrate how addiction and other problem behaviors disrupt the family balance. A picture is truly worth one thousand words. IMPRESSIONS journal uniquely designed to provide hope and encouragement to individuals as they begin the practice of writing down their thoughts, feelings, and ideas from the heart. ($9.95); POSTER - ADDICTIONS / PROBLEM BEHAVIORS ($12.00); A non-threatening tool designed to break denial. Illustrates 32 different addictions and problem behaviors. VIDEO TAPE SERIES - MAKING CHANGES ($59.95); Sixteen thirty-minute video segments filled with personal stories and practical answers that help individuals break compulsive patterns in living and make lasting life changes. A helpful leader's discussion guide and participant worksheet is included. SERVICES AVAILABLE - INDIVIDUAL COUNSELING, GROUP TEACHING and COUNSELING, CONSULTATION, CHURCH and COMMUNITY WORKSHOP TRAINING, adaptable to community & special group needs. (Fees based on sliding scale.) To order Katherine's materials, or to inquire about counseling services contact, Degenhardt Educationals, P.O. Box 111044, Nashville, TN 37222., E-Mail or Phone/Fax (615) 833-6183.

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