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The Florida Annual Conference, Cong'l Meth. Churc

Rev. Larry F. Pullum, Chairman, 3638 CR 203, South • Rehobeth,, AL 36301-7726 • United States • 334-677-3800/see/charmin/CM02628

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Upcoming 1999 Annual Conference Events:

Sunday, June 13th through Saturday, June 19th -- West Florida Youth Camp for children and teens from those who have successfully completed the first grade and up.
For more details, write or call Rev. Pullum. Saturday, July 10th -- Annual Conference session will be held at the Long Branch CMC at White Springs, Florida beginning at 9:00 am Eastern Time.
For more details, write or call Rev. Pullum.

Congregational Methodism in a Nutshell:

The Congregational Methodist Church began in 1852 when a number of concerned persons broke with the Methodist Episcopal Church, South.
These men adopted the congregational form of church government, but retained the doctrines and beliefs of Methodism.
This denomination continues its stand as a member of the Holiness Movement.
It operates Wesley College at Florence, Mississippi, which is where the denominational headquarters are located.
The denomination also offers its own Sunday School literature to conservative Methodist churches.
Those wishing to make contact with the denominational headquarters may do so by writing the office of the General Conference President at P. O. Box 9 in Florence, Mississippi 39073-0009; or by calling 601-845-8787; or by faxing 601-845-8788; or by e-mailing at
Whether responding to Rev. Pullum or the General Conference Headquarters, be sure to include your name, address, telephone #, fax #, and/or e-mail address so we can respond to your inquiries in a rapid manner!
Thank you for your interest in the Florida Annual Conference and the Congregational Methodist Church!

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