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Project-Golf is a charitable arm of the diocese of Idah under its corporate Diocesan Development Services. Its focal interests is to help as a development agent to aid poor rural children and the underprivileged to enjoy the gifts of life, in love and faith. It relies on charitable giving out of love by people concerned with the affairs of the world's poor. The Project-Golf covers the area of the territory of the Diocese of Idah, in the Kogi State of Central Nigeria, but is not limited to this territory as such. Here with a population of over 2.5 million (the size of a country like Mauritania) many lack the basic necessities of life. In this venture, the present diocesan Bishop, Most Rev. Ephraim Silas Obot sets as his apostolic ministry the fact of being available to help the poor to enjoy the minimal comfort of living. He has been involved in building rural but qualitative schools at the primary (elementary), high school levels, establishment of medical health-care systems, social services for the welfare of poor and abandoned children,widows, and socially neglected and pregnant mothers. In this task the project needs funding. When you come across this information and you feel like helping you can write a donation and/or your will/bequest to the Project Golf (DDS), Diocese of Idah, and mail to the : Catholic Diocesan Secretariat P.O.BOX 55, IDAH, KOGI STATE NIGERIA (011-234-58-800134/800557) (However mails to Nigeria could be very unrealiable due to temepering and postal problems.) Information as to this venture could be asked from and/or mails diected through: Rev. Anthony A. Agbali St. Rita Church 1000 E. State Fair Detroit, MI 48203-1299 USA (1-313-891-9424) The nature of the operations and the mission of PROJECT-GOLF is outlined below.


Project-Golf is in the forefront of helping to alleviate and eliminate the causes of poverty and degradation within its area of operation, Nigeria and around the world. It therefore engage in practical and concrete actions, ultimately campaigning to end the causal factors that engenders the state of being of human poverty and underprivilege. In providing education it incorporates the process to raise awareness against these ugly and dehumanizing trends. Provision of medical and social services are among the tools towards helping the people served regain a sense of their damaged humanity, which been degraded and abused leads to meaninglessness. If the people are sick as a result of poor living conditions, poor feeding and are improperly not catered for poverty's end product amounts to human degradation and disrespect. Education and social welfares are important to effect the elimination of these ugly situations of poverty,as well is a good health-care system. It is a shame on the human consciousness to note the contrast between the great dermacation that exists with respect to the poverty of millions around the world and our own comfort as to living situations in the West.Here in the Western hemisphere we waste resources millions of poor people around the world who are enmersed in poverty, hunger, degradation and dehumanization would find valuable and be appreciative for. Many of what we throw away as waste could be of assistance to them. Project-Golf would be glad to make use of some of the items that we would no longer need for its mission to the poor and the underpriviledged. It would help us to meet the need to cut administrative costs and support our educational campaigns, healthcare provisions, and innumerable material support. Donation of funds, materials and equipments, transportation and items that you consider relevant to our mission would be gladly appreciated. Are there items that you do not need any more or can give up for the sake of the world's poor-used/new vehicles, medical items and equipments, computers,copiers, typewriters, clothings, finance and such items? These would assists us greatly. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Are you considering writing a will or changing one ? Why not consider making a bequest to Project-Golf and live on eternally in the memory of those you will aid into living as human? To be actively involved today you can make a check to the address below or inquire about the project.Be a friend of the poor, today. Their pains be eased thus becomes for us a healing for our broken humanity!If you would want to inquire about PROJECT-GOLF write directly or call the Project-Golf at Project-Golf (Diocese of Idah) Catholic Secretariat (Chancery) P.O. Box 55, Idah, Kogi State Nigeria +(011-US Code)234-(0)58-800134/800557 (any other country apply country's alloted code before 234-(0)58-800134/800557 ) However,Rev. Fr. Anthony A. Agbali could be contacted or any mail direct through him to the Project-Golf Rev. Fr. Anthony Attah Agbali St. Rita Catholic Church 1000 East State Fair Detroit,MI 48203-1299 USA 1-313-891-9424. (****PROJECT-GOLF THOUGH AN INITIATIVE OF THE CATHOLIC DIOCESE OF IDAH IS A NON-DISCRIMINATORY SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT PROJECT FOR THE LOVE OF HUMANITY AND FOR THE SAKE OF HUMANITY WITHOUT BIAS OF RELIGION, GENDER, NATIONALITY, COLOR,SOCIAL STATUS AND SEXUAL ORIENTATION.****)

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