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The Trumpet's Call

Praise the Lord saints, revival fires have started and it is time for the body of Christ to network together. The trumpets are blowing do you hear them? The power of God is flowing and his glory is being revealed in our mist. Jesus wants you to be empowered by God so he can do exploits in our mist. I have traveled to many countries,Germany, Africa,Asia, Russia, and India. The people are hungry for the reality of Jesus Christ. His power is starting to flow in such a great way. Are you ready to listen and flow in the great power for the glory of the Lord?
In Ghana I have seen the five fold ministry come together and the power was great in our mist. Many people rushing to meet Jesus. People were failing off the pews by the power of the Lord. People were being saved and delivered. God is so good. Also it is time for great intercession and in the name of Jesus to take the land. These are exciting times we are in and are you ready to be used of God for his glory? let us expect a great move of God.

Empowered by God: Discover your calling and gift

"Empowered by God" is my book to help you to discover your calling and gifts for this great move of God. As you read of my experiences you too will see yourself and be encouraged to keep running the race in Jesus name. This book is helping millions around the world to discover their vast ministry potential through personal intercession and prophecy. As you read my book You will learn how to follow the leading of the holy spirit and how to hear from him. Saints, be equipped and let the holy spirit flow through you in the mighty name of Jesus. You will also learn about the "Caleb Anointing" to possess the land . To have that same spirit that Caleb had, a gift of faith to possess the land. You can get the book by contacting me at I also have a tapes on "The Caleb anointing" and "The Golden Oil" that will help you have success in your ministry , home , and family.

The time is short so please say yes to Jesus and start to let him use you for this great move of God. Yours in Christ, Rev.Dr.Nancy Milsk

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