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"Awake" Oh child of GOD from your worldly slumber! Even now I stand at the door and knock, This may be your last chance to let me in. For these are the last days just open your eyes and look!
I make this plea to all the nations of the earth. "Repent" This means to stop what you are doing , turn around and go in the other direction. "Seek Salvation" This can only be done by accepting Jesus
as your Lord and Savior, being baptized in water and in the Holy Spirit in this order for it is written.( John 3:3 and John 3:5-6). "Read Your Bible" (2 Tim 2:15) This is the sole reason that many are led astray, because they do not read their Bible. Remember: hitler burned bibles because he did not want them read, and yet today in the USA there are religious leaders telling their people not to read their Bibles. "Leave False Doctrines" (1 Cor 3:1-23) Follow the only true doctrine of Jesus and the Holy Word of God. Anything else is a lie of satan brought forth by the sinful nature of man. May You come to know GOD'S Grace! And His son JESUS.

Servants of CHRIST

As servants of Christ we are not to drag , beg , bribe or force any one to accept Christ , we are to show them the road to the Throne of GOD through the Gospel of Christ , and the rest is up to them, we have also been made accountable for the written word and the teaching that GOD gives us through His Annointing " Holy Spirit" this is why we diligently seek to bring forth the truth and expose the false teachers of our day, by constantly searching the written word of GOD to show ourselves approved to Him, and so that we shall not be deceived in this day of Great Deception !!

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