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Ev. Eugene Minnifield Jr.

2024 Camp St., 1300 Central Ave. • Sandusky, OH 44870 • United States • 419-624-8617or419-624-8980/see/charmin/CM02586

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Walking in your calling

Often times we find ourselves in a valley or a situation. We are walking by our feelings. We are trying to find our way out of this place. We are trying to find out directions by using all of our ideas. As you go from place to place you will realize that you are in a pressing place. This place is a place which I call the valley of the making. This valley is a place that we must all partake from. Yes, we want to walk in the call of the promises of God but, we don't want to go through the valley to get to the promise land. To be all that the Lord has called you to be, you must walk in this place. This place will make you into what the Lord has called you to be. This level is a place of blessing and, the will of God. My brother and sister walk in your calling and, be what the Lord has called you to be. He has given us power over the devil. Sincerly Ev.Eugene Minnifield Jr.

About this Ministry

In 1987 Ev.Eugene Minnifield excepted the call as a Evangelist at the age of 13. Every since this ministry has continued to go to another level. This ministry has been involved in many events. This young Evangelist is a man of God that has humbled himself. He has impacted in this generation of our young people. This is important because we are loosing our young men and women. He also has spoken to large churches across the nation. This young man is a husband and, a father to three children . He has dedicated his life to do what the Lord has called him to do. For information on Ev. Eugene Minnifield Jr. please contact at (419)624-8980 or (419)624-8617 The Lord has given us power over the devil. Sincerly Ev. Eugene Minnifield Jr.

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