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The Heart Of Jesus Ministries is a Ministry dedicated to sharing about God's Love for His children;
especially His daughters! A Love that can not easily be described; because of the incredible, omnipotence of it!
God has given "this daughter" a burden for her brothers and sisters in Christ; but my main focus is my sisters!
I know that without Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior I would be lost and on my way to hell! I also know that
without Him I am nothing and nobody! But I also know that with Him, I am as special as can be; because of His love for me, and SO ARE YOU! God allows me to go to different churches and women's conferences to testify of His great Love and of all the ways He has changed me and things that He has done in my life! I love sharing about His love and encouraging other women to know who they are in Christ Jesus and to know Whose they are if they are born again by His precious blood!


If God lays me and this ministry on your heart to come to your place of worship, conference, or gathering of women; who want to hear more of this wonderful LOVE of God, please contact me at. THE HEART OF JESUS MINISTRIES P. O. BOX 1077 DALLAS, GA 30132 You can also FAX me at FAX# (770)443-3246 Or e-mail me at Thank you and God bless you!

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