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Union Mission of Roanoke Rapids Inc.

1310 Roanoke Ave., PO Box 968 • Roanoke Rapids, NC 2870 • United States • 252-537-3372/see/charmin/CM02497

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Union Mission was started in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina in 1951 and has had it's doors opened to the homeless, needy and the addicted every since then. We started out as a Christian Rescue Mission and will maintain the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as our primary function. All of the social things we do have always and will always be secondary to preachig and teaching the Gospel. SOME OF THE SERVICES WE PROVIDE 1. Shelter for men women and children 2. Soup kitchen serves 3 meals a day to needy 3. We provide groceries to needy families in the community 4. We provide clothing, furniture and appliances to needy people 5. We have a work program that provides jobs and job training for everyone in our program. Some of our residents end up as full-time employees of the mission as a result of this program. 6. We provide Human Resource Developement classes that teach people how to get a job and keep it 7. We provide nutrition training for those who want to learn how to shop on a shoe string budget, prepare meals with nutritional value and how to make a little food go a long way 8. We also provide transitional housing These and many other services are provided at the Union Mission of Roanoke Rapids North Carolina.


The Union Mission in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina receives no Government funding. We are supported by area churches, individuals, and some area corporations. We also own and opperate two thirft stores and run some industry using items that have been donated to us by our community.

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